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Air Medical Services

AMS (Air Medical Service) type of services is defined as a medical service, primarily repatriation services, from any location to any destination. From hospital to hospital, or from accident, an out-of-area location direct to any healthcare center, trauma center or hospital as required.

Passenger Transport Services

The PTS (Passenger Transportation Service) is a service we have developed by using remaining flight hours per aircraft. We have approximately 1200 flight hours per year/aircraft available for AMS and PTS; we can exchange the equipment with the PTS environment within a very short timeframe.

Cargo Transport Services

Shortly we would like to expand to CTS (Cargo Transportation Services) to utilize the aircraft to the max. e.g., Fast Courier Services. The ADL will supervise the cargo in real-time.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to maintain patients' health during transport by offering a global 24-hour, 365-days-a-year Aero Medical Service that applies the highest safety and quality standards.

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Our Aircraft

Our Aircraft

One of our essential aircraft is a platform for our services.

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