Alpha Airlines

Alpha Data Lync

We have developed the Alpha Data Link (ADL). The ADL is a device capable of autonomously exchanging data from a source to any predefined endpoint. With this unique communication device, we reshape some boundaries using intelligent next-generation technology. We are designed around Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and best-in-class encryption. We present a use case to prove this new innovating technology, and we are more than confident to operate the ADL in our business model.
Furthermore, we are convinced that using the ADL in an efficient setting will prove this. The ADL creates new business and solves the demand for additional, higher-quality data transport. The ADL is designed for “any type of data transport” from source to destination—for example, raw data from an automated industrial environment to an endpoint at a customer location. Or trace valuable container cargo, temperature-controlled precious cargo in real-time, or delicate high-risk aeromedical transport and other services.

The main benefit, in the case of cargo air transport, is that it increases customer insights due to real-time status views of the cargo, irrespective of the physical location. For example, we will use the ADL in a cargo setting where speed, efficiency, location, and temperature control are essential. The customer ground staff can monitor the ADL output of the incoming cargo in real-time. By interpreting the ADL data, they can intervene directly with the onboard staff if needed. It will improve control and increase customer satisfaction just by using the ADL.

We use an aero logistics aviation business model to prove this new next-gen innovation; we will utilize these efficient technologies and processes to ensure low operating and marketing costs. The answer is to maximize efficiency in deploying its resources and high customer service demand. Experience has shown that organizations maintaining a “mean-and-lean” innovative operation will increase their footprint.

The essential characteristics leading to the success and profitability of our business are:

  • Provision of high-quality data exchange service in the aero logistical
  • Transport precious cargo and monitor it in real-time (time, location, humidity, temp, etc.)
  • Utilizing the most efficient and innovative next-generation technologies in operations will reduce staffing requirements while offering ease of use and greatly enhancing customer access and convenience.
  • Developing and implementing the business model will positively influence revenue.
  • We partner with other highly regarded organizations within and beyond our mission and will surplus our business targets by licensing the ADL to other sectors.

Financial results of the new business anticipated during the first three years of operations include:  Revenues are approaching 5 million EUR within the first year of flight operations. A gross operating margin of close to 50 percent will be achieved within the second year of operations, reaching close to triple by the third year, with steady growth enabling rational expansion of the organization. We implement a very conservative business model with unique characteristics. Our primary objective is to run an established organization focusing on medical, specialized cargo, and passengers. Parallel, we also pursue a comprehensive partnership model. We have a license model with some partners to let vetted companies use our IP as part of their business.

Our vision is to lead by innovation, and pursue our goals by maximizing technology usage.



ADL Intellectual Property Registration Nr.135178